Cathkin Park, Third Lanark

Cathkin Park

Cathkin Park, the former home of Third Lanark, Glasgow and former Scottish Cup Final & Scotland International venue, saw its last game in 1967, shortly before Third Lanark were  wound up in the courts. Glasgow's park department took over Cathkin park and developed it into a open access municipal park. Large sections of the ground are still preserved today, including banks of terracing, barriers and parts of the perimeter wall. Third Lanark may have gone, but at least the ground now benefits the community and for the football grounds enthusiast it is a great place to visit.

East Terrace

Cathkin Park, Glasgow

The ground was originally Queens Park Ground and staged its first league game in 1884. The ground then was called Hampden Park and Queens Park played there until they moved to the present site of Hampden Park in 1903. When Third Lanark took over the ground in 1903, they renamed it Cathkin Park. Whilst known as Hampden Park in staged a number of Scottish Cup Finals and even Scotland played England there in 1894.

A Closer Look At The East Terrace

Looking Towards The South Terrace

Cathkin Park, Glasgow

A Closer Look At The South Terrace

Cathkin Park, Glasgow

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